Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Deaf Community at Walmart, Part II

It seems that yesterday a number of Deaf people either came across my blog or at the very least my post about my experience with 3 ASL users at Walmart. Welcome! :-) Anybody want to babysit a deaf-blind toddler that throws up a lot? Just kidding, sort of. I've often thought it would be really cool to have a culturally Deaf babysitter for Noah so that he could experience some of that world as he was growing up, but I wouldn't pick a random person from the Internet just based on their comments on my blog. Anyway, I just wanted to welcome my Deaf readers and say that I hope you stick around. Here is another post I wrote about the Deaf Community and my frustrations about Deaf Awareness Day here is Noah's first Vlog where you can see some of his signs that he knows. In case you can't understand it, that sign he keeps doing over and over again is banana. He loves bananas!


Nathali said...

I haven't looked at any blogs for a long time and I missed out!!! He is so cute!!!! I loved the pictures at the zoo....

Marny in Maryland said...

Hi Emily --

Deaf blogger Jamie Berke linked to your WalMart story from her blog, which may account for some of the increased traffic.

When I was providing early intervention to kids with hearing loss and their family, I unfortunately heard a lot of stories similar to yours, of people getting "static" from Deaf people, or, more often perhaps, hearing "wannabes" (interpreters, ASL students, etc.) It's very unfortunate! Fortunately, there are many open-minded, warm, friendly Deaf people eager to embrace the hearing parents of Deaf children, including kids with CIs (and some of those Deaf adults are getting CIs for themselves and their deaf children, too!).

Best wishes to you and Noah!


PS -- I am not Deaf (or deaf), but I would actually love to babysit for a deaf-blind toddler! Are you in NoVa by chance? I am in Columbia, MD -- e-mail me at if you want to talk!

mishkazena said...

Can you please contact me at I would love to hear what your experience raising a deaf blind baby is like