Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Memories

Noah spent his first Halloween in the NICU at Children's National Medical Center. He was finally making progress on the vapotherm at 5 months old, and they were trying valiently to kick us out (too bad our original hospital didn't want us back!). I loved his little Halloween sleeper. It was his first 0-3 outfit, and it was a too big, but he had an IV board on his arm so that was the only way to do it. He only wore it for about 5 minutes, though. He was still getting fevers of around 104 regularly so most of the evening hours were spent in just a diaper.Halloween #2 (17 months old) was right around the time that things started to look up for us. Noah had just come off of O2. He had just started to get steady in sitting and to crawl. He was starting to notice a few environmental sounds with his hearing aids. The exotropia was dealt with and he was beginning to focus and track with his eyes. What a difference a year makes! Halloween #3 (29 months) is here and Noah is no longer a baby. He can walk. He can talk. He can even eat (sort of). For the first time my little boy wanted a say in what he wore and where he wore it. He was not about to go inside when all the fun trick or treaters were outside. Everytime someone came to the house he would squeal in excitement and tell them "trick or treat" and then "bye-bye" and "see you later". We didn't end up taking him trick or treating anywhere, but I can't imagine him having more fun than he did waiting with his face pressed up against the glass of our storm door for the next kids to come by.

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