Monday, November 12, 2007

How well do you know Noah? (A Quiz)

Some of the questions you can figure out, others you can guess, some are in old blog posts, and some you just have to know!

1. On what holiday was Noah born?
2. What was Noah's due date?
3. What was Noah's first word?
4. What was Noah's first sign?
5. How old was Noah when he began successfully eating pureed food?
6. What is Noah's favorite TV show?
7. What is Noah's favorite DVD series?
8. What color are Noah's teeth?
9. How long was Noah in the NICU?
10. How many times (since NICU discharge) has Noah been admitted to the hospital?
11. What is Noah's favorite letter?
12. What is Noah's middle name?

Leave your answers in the comment section. I'll announce the winner (and the correct answers) in a week, assuming anyone actually guesses!


Angela - from NY said...

1) Memorial Day
2) September 3rd
3) Da?
4) More?
5) just turned 3
6)Blue's Clues
7) Signing Time
8) Green
9) 6 months
10)3 times
11) N
12) Benjamin

Lisa said...

I agree with most of what angela has said except for number 11.

I think Noah's favorite letter may be "Dubba you!"