Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Sick of Sickness!

Noah is sick. Still? Again? The big debate is does Noah have one cold that's lasted 4 weeks or 4 one week colds back to back. The jury's still out. What we do know is that Noah now has his first sinus infection, but I'm actually ok with that.
There's kind of an infection hierarchy in my mind with sepsis being at the top and sinus infection at the bottom. I'll never forget the time that my son was in the PICU in respiratory distress, having seizures, with a raging UTI that the NICU was nice enough to "accidentally" send us home with (they called us first thing Monday morning - too bad he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance Sunday afternoon). Some obnoxious resident had the nerve to say "at least it's not sepsis". Yeah, thanks. It wasn't what I needed to hear at the time, but she was right. It was ridiculously difficult & scary being readmitted to the PICU 3 days after NICU discharge but that UTI and the 3 to follow (or was it just one long UTI?) were much easier than sepsis. Heck, he was only admitted for 2 out of the 4 infections and he wasn't revented at all. I felt like we breezed through them. Anyway, as easier as those UTIs were a sinus infection is that much easier still. His sats are good, he's eating & playing (and losing weight, but that's another story). What could be better? Hmmm... Perhaps better would be not sick. Yeah, that might be nice.

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