Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I love my Dry and Store!

1. Noah is learning to drink from an open cup. He has yet to figure out that you have to "untip" the cup when you take it away from your mouth. So although he always takes a successful first sip, the rest ends up down his front.

2. We are sick of having to search for Noah's CI if it falls off while he's playing so he always wears a Dino Clip or an Ear Gear. Now when his CI falls off it either hangs down his back or across his chest until we retrieve it.

3. Noah is finally tall enough to reach the table now, but sometimes mommy forgets this.

4. I didn't finish my glass of water from supper last night so I left it on the table for later.

Can you guess what happened?

When our audiologist told us that we should invest in a $100 piece of equipment (plus refills!) to dry out Noah's CI I though he was crazy. I know it's humid in VA, but the Dry Aid dessicants always worked fine with his hearing aids. Our audiologist said that someday something would "happen" and then we'd be thankful. I'm not sure that this exactly counts as the something - it really wasn't THAT wet, and the Harmony is water resistant. We got to it right away and it was still working. But it certainly was nice to have that piece of mind. Better safe than sorry!

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Nate said...

When I was living in SC for four years, I had lot of problem with my hearing aids due to, guess it, humidness. I can tell a big difference of how long my hearing aids last from living in wet and raining Oregon to wet and humid South Carlina.