Saturday, September 6, 2008

Deaf-blind is not the same as stupid

For a very long time I wouldn't tell people that Noah was deaf-blind. It was like I could handle each of his issues separately but together they were too much. As I got more used to the idea, I was shocked that most people didn't believe me. I got comments like, "He can't be deaf, he speaks." or "If he's blind why is he reading a book?". Most recently it's Noah's academic abilities that cause people to question our wonderful doctors' diagnoses. Apparently deaf-blind preschoolers aren't allowed to know their ABCs, the days of the week, or the difference between a pentagon and an octagon. If they do know those things, obviously they can see/hear just fine.
Newsflash: Noah has some vision and a cochlear implant. Those things really help. And as for the days of the week, I have to blame Rachel Coleman and her catchy songs. I never even tried to teach him that, he just knew it one day.


The Microblogologist said...

Wow, seriously?! You'd think that people would be more educated than that. I hope he adapts to preschool and church nursery soon, poor little guy and poor Mommy. No matter what Noah is an amazing little man and God has a plan for him!


MB said...

Yeah, Signing Time!

I tried so many things to teach Marielle her colors and finally gave up and bought her a DVD. She knew them within days.

abby said...

I think that the problem is not that deaf-blind is the same as stupid. I think that the problem is that most people are not terribly intelligent. I know this sounds snarky, but sadly seems to be the case.

Noah is so smart. If only everyone realized that special needs folks can be just as smart (indeed smarter) than your average person, we would really be getting somewhere.

Sorry about his growing aversion to church/school etc. I am not sure how to face this one down (we have major 2 year old separation anxiety being acted out here at home and I can only imagine what it'll be like once we start school if this keeps up).