Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. Cane

Noah has a new best friend. His name is Mr. Cane.

Noah and Mr. Cane have been together for 3 days and already Noah can hold Mr. Cane on his own. Sometimes Mr. Cane gets stuck on something and ends up behind Noah and then he gets confused but we're working on it. Noah also doesn't tap much, but Miss Karen says Noah probably won't be a tapper since he has some vision. Mr. Cane will mainly help him with depth perception and identify him as visually impaired so he doesn't get beat up if he runs into someone.

Noah really likes Mr. Cane. Today when we were leaving school Mr. Cane made a loud noise when he hit the metal doorframe by the step to outside. Noah looked at Mr. Cane, said "It's a step." and walked down with no prompting. Thanks for your help, Mr. Cane. Mommy feels much better knowing that you'll be with Noah when she's not there.


Sammie said...

Aww that's too sweet!

Jennifer said...

Wow - its great he's getting it already! So, the ball at the end of Mr. Cane - is that something that is easily replaced? I imagine if he's not a 'tapper' that it will wear out faster than normal.

tomandcheryl said...

Your child (miracle child) is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. I am glad him and Mr. cane have hit it off.

quizzling said...

Wait. That's my boy!