Friday, March 2, 2007


I don't know if I'm just clueless, but I'm always surprised by each new milestone that Noah hits. I remember the day that our OT said he was about ready to sit up. I told my husband that evening and we laughed and laughed. He couldn't see or hear, only rolled over sporadically, and had such high tone in his shoulders that when he tried to bring his hands to midline they barely touched. Silly OT! But sure enough, within a week Noah was prop sitting like a pro. Then a few months later my baby who could barely push up took off across the room crawling. I was a little more prepared for walking since both the OT and the developmental doctor predicted it, but even so when he took off the first time I did a double take. Was that MY baby that just walked across the room? Yesterday we took Noah to great-grandma's house for a visit. He loves her more than just about anybody and she returns the affection so it's always a fun trip. She praises him and he eats it up so we tend to see new things when we're there. He decided that he'd had enough of the babyish "pulling up to get to standing" thing and started standing up from the middle of the floor. Not clumsily, but successfully as if he'd been doing it for months. Maybe that's what he's been working on at night in his crib instead of sleeping! We were told his motor skills would regress for a few weeks after surgery, but apparently Noah had other ideas.

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Kellie said...

YAY Noah! It sounds like you have a bag of tricks hidden to surprise mom with at a moments notice! You sneaky little guy ;)