Monday, March 12, 2007

Zoo Trip #2

We've kind of gradually been ignoring the lockdown rules the last few weeks. We're not taking Noah into crowded rooms full of sick people or anything, but we have been known to be seen in public. Now that we're past the surgery and his lungs did so well, its hard to convince ourselves that he won't be ok. Since it was such a nice weekend we decided to go to the zoo with Uncle Barry and Aunt Mindy. Noah's been to a zoo before when we were visiting friends in the Philly area but he'd never been to The Zoo before. His favorite animals were by far the Uncle Barry-Bear and the Aunt Mindy-Gator, but he was kind of into the golden lion tamarins too. And he of course agreed with Mommy that the snaked necked turtles are the coolest zoo attraction ever. He wasn't too into many of the big animals, but it's just as well since those were the busiest attractions. I loved bringing Noah to a place that had so many great memories for me as a kid. I'm really hoping that he grows up to be an animal lover like his Mommy. He loves our cats, but I'm not sure whether he understands that they're alive or just thinks they're really cool electronic toys. I guess time will tell.

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Shannon said...

I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading about your little miracle Noah. He is just absolutely adorable!!!