Saturday, March 31, 2007

Feeding Therapy: the rest of the week

Day 2 went much like day 1, only I was watching and Jamie Sue was feeding. He did eat a little better for me, so that gave my ego a bit of a boost. Day 3 & 4 started the actual therapy.
Since Noah is soooo good at drinking his milk and sooooo bad at eating his food, they didn't actually give him any food or drink the whole rest of the week (don't worry, I fed him later). I think that's pretty much how they start everybody, but they don't want to add in food until he's comfortable with all of the oral exercises so it could be a while (although we did hear a rumor that it might be Monday). Since Noah really likes to pretend to eat, and getting rewarded to do something you really like is double the fun, he was super into the therapy sessions. The other "new" kids were having major issues going back into the therapy room with a stranger, where as Noah was trying to sneak in between sessions. The hardest part of the week is the lack of boundaries. The area is very open and Noah doesn't understand that he can't go anywhere his legs will take him. I'm often dragging him screaming from under the reception desk or heading him off as he tries to escape into the therapy rooms or follow a friendly outpatient home. There is a nice play area, but it's loud and full of bigger kids so Noah only wants to play there first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon when it's cleared out. We go outside on the swings when it's nice or ride down the halls in a wagon or a push car, but there are only so many times you can do those things before they get old, and then the rest of the day is spend in therapy or lying in the hallway screaming. On Friday the behavioral psychologist mentioned another play area at the main hospital entrance that she thinks is less busy, so we'll have to check that out next week. Hopefully we can find something, because there's only so much screaming I can take until I let him follow a friendly outpatient home.

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