Friday, March 9, 2007

Tribute to Dr. L

Yesterday we had an appointment with Dr. L, Noah's neurologist. We met Dr. L. for the first time when Noah was admitted to the PICU after 4 days home from the NICU. Noah was having seizures and was in respiratory distress. Fun, huh? The first time I talked with Dr. L I thought there was something REALLY wrong with Noah's brain because he was being so nice to us. You know, kind of like how doctors try to be when they're going to break the news gently? Turns out Noah's brain is fine and Dr. L's just a really nice guy. The thing I always liked best about Dr. L is that he always looked at Noah and his test results, not at the statistics for 24 weekers. He thought that Noah's seizures were due to his body not handling the raging UTI infection that the NICU accidentally sent us home with (oops!) and not by some traumatic preemie brain injury that was yet undiscovered. Well, Noah's been seizure free since January 2006 and off of his trileptal since June 2006 so we're now saying goodbye to Dr. L. Noah is at a higher risk for future seizures simply because he's had them in the past, but not at a super high risk. We can always come back if we need to. But as much as we love you Dr. L, we hope we never ever see you again.

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