Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Vacation, by Noah

Our vacation was lots of fun! Mommy and daddy bought me new toys so that I wouldn't fuss during the 10 hour drive. They also let me watch movies in the car. I watched Signing Time about 100 times! When we got to NY I was alseep, but the next morning I discovered that we were at grandma and grandpa's house. Grandma and grandpa let me do lots of things like throw balls off the pool table and play in the cat's water. They think it's cute! They also have fun toys like the Sit and Spin and lots of pottery and artwork, although mommy wouldn't let me touch that. Grandpa got to brag to all the other music professors that I can sing in correct pitch. Everyone thought I was a musical genius because I've only been hearing with my CI for 6 months. Maybe I'll become the first deaf-blind voice major that Houghton's ever had!
The best part about western NY is that it's not hot and humid like at home. I wanted to play outside all the time. I'm not scared of stairs, sidewalks, or grass anymore so mommy had to keep a close watch on me. Daddy didn't watch me quite as close, but I only fell down the porch steps onto the gravel one time (don't worry the abrasions and bruises are almost gone!).
We got to visit lots of fun places in NY, like the Houghton campus, Letchworth State Park, and even Niagara Falls. At Niagara Falls I got to meet my preemie friend Jack. That was lots of fun. He's got a really cool stroller and I had to lean way over to look at the wheels go round and round. Mommy kept thinking she would run me into something, but I had the situation under control.
At Letchworth we went to an Arts & Crafts festival and then went to see the falls. We got to see the big balloons taking off! I got so excited that I threw up my lunch right in the grass, but nobody noticed since they were looking at the balloons and not me. On the walk to the falls Grandma helped me find a big germy stick. Everybody laughed when I swung it around like a sword and everybody but mommy laughed when I started to eat it. Mommy and Daddy wanted to take a family picture at the falls, but I wouldn't stay still. I was hoping they would drop me over the side so I could get a closer look at the waterfall, but they held on tight. Overall I had a great vacation, and I think Mommy and Daddy had fun too. They say they would move back to Houghton in a second if it weren't for feeding therapy and AVT in Richmond. I guess there aren't much of those things in Houghton. I tried to tell Mommy and Daddy and that I would be willing to give up my weekly therapy to spend all my time with grandma and grandpa, but they didn't think it was such a good idea.


Angela said...

What a cutie you are Noah! I'm glad you had fun in Houghton and I'm glad I finally got to meet you! What a miracle you are.

Jack said...

Hey Noah, I'm glad you had such a great trip. It was really cool to meet someone from my mom's computer! I see your picture there. Maybe next time you are around you can come over and play cars with me.