Monday, October 29, 2007


We've had some picture issues lately. We left our camera charger in NY and didn't realize it until our battery was dead a week later. While waiting for that to ship we managed to "fix" our old camera enough to take pictures. That worked really well until we filled the card and realized that we have no way to read it at the house. Oops! In any case, we finally have our charger back from NY so here you go:

Noah went on his first field trip (to Chesterfield Berry Farm) on Tuesday.

We had Noah try on his Halloween costume, but he wouldn't stay still for a picture. This is the best we got.

This is Noah looking disgruntled after his head injury. It didn't really show up in pictures at first because it's right on his eyebrow (although I think you can tell a bit that it's swollen). Now that it's more blue than black it's a little easier to see.

Head injury, day 2.

Head injury, day 5.

And because I know you've all been dying to see it, here is where we moved all of Noah's toys when I got sick of them in the living room. I really like his new "big boy room", although I could do without the white walls. As soon as I finish my closet organization project that might just be next on the "to do" list.


Jennifer said...

I'm in love with the ELMO costume.

Arianna's gonna be a fairy princess but I bet she'd like ELMO more!

Nathali said...

He looks so cute!!! I hope his head injury is gone now...

Nice playroom!!