Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sometimes you come across people on the Internet and something about their story just doesn't add up. I've seen my fair share of "fake" preemie parents be exposed since becoming a parent to my own preemie, and people are always hurt. It's just such a terribly sick thing to do, and you have to wonder what that person's life is like in real life that they have to steal someone else's story or pictures in order to get attention. There have definitely been times when I've "tested" a potential faker by asking some prying questions, but one thing I would never do is accuse someone. I think back to when I was a new preemie mom - I didn't know the difference between PDA, TPN, and PVL. I'm sure if I had the time or energy for message boards I would've hopelessly muddled explanations of Noah's condition. Even when I first started posting on preemie groups I felt a little silly. Yup, deaf and blind. Seizures? Yeah, but no brain bleeds or noticeable damage on an MRI. No, he doesn't eat. Sepsis? Noah had that 6 times. I mean, who would believe that kind of stuff other than someone who's been through a similar situation?!? Bottom line if someone is a faker they're going to be exposed by someone other than me. I'm not willing to risk bringing more stress to an already overwhelmed preemie parent. They could be making it all up, but what if they are just trying their best to grasp an unexpected and traumatic situation? It's just not worth it to me.

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