Thursday, October 25, 2007

Support, Head Injuries, and Window Shopping

Today I went to the first meeting of a newly created support group for families with special needs kids in my area. It was really neat to be around other parents who know what it's like to have a differently developing child. It was also interesting to see parents in the different stages of grief that I've been going through/have gone through. There was one mom with a 6 month old baby who was still in that initial diagnosis daze. It was obvious that she mentally got it, but hadn't emotionally come to grips with things. Then there was another mom dealing with the whole "why me?" and anger at her son's difficulties, and a third mom who (like me, I think) had moved onto accepting the diagnoses and working to find out how to best help her child (she's the one who started the group). It was very interesting to me to see the different approaches these parents had to their child's special needs, and also kind of cool that I could relate to everybody's response. It's not often (in the real world, anyway) that I find myself in a group of people who really get what my life is like. Everything went really well at the group until at the very last minute when Noah was tripped by another child and hit his head on a hard plastic toy. He didn't cry much, although his eyebrow immediately turned black & purple and swelled to 3 times its size. I think I would've worried less if he'd cried a river, but in any case I called my doctor and he said not to let him sleep for the next two hours (did I mention it was naptime?). Off to the mall we went for some lunch (daddy met us!) and window shopping/not sleeping. Noah was a trooper and happily shopped, taking only a short break to fill the cup holder and snack tray on his stroller with vomit. He fell asleep on the way home and woke only briefly when we came in the house. I've checked on him a few times and he seems to be ok. Head injuries are so frustrating to me because symptoms of concern (vomiting, dizziness/poor balance, slurred speech, etc) are all normal for Noah. How am I supposed to know if it's a concussion vomit or a reflux vomit? It's not like they come with labels.

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Jessica said...

Cool about the support group- that is nice:)
Funny about the reflux vs concussion vomit. BTDT. lol When Bella went down the stairs they were asking me that, and I said, "she does that all the time so I don't really know how to answer your question."