Sunday, October 14, 2007


Noah had his third official "mostly vomit-free" day this week (Friday). He technically did have his stomach contents come up, but only tiny amounts that he managed to swallow back down. More like what most people think of as reflux. This is pretty much what the pattern has been:
first 4 months of life - very little vomit (but also very little taken by mouth)
next 18 months of life - frequent (4-6x/day, on a good day) vomit
next 6 months of life - regular (1-3x/day) vomit, except for 3 days (Woo hoo!)
I'm no statistician, but I think that at that rate of improvement he should stop vomiting eventually.
You might think I was jumping for joy all day Friday, but you'd be wrong. Vomit-free days scare me. You never know when it's gonna come, and it's bound to be a lot when it does come. I spent the day Friday coaxing Noah away from the TV, the bookcase, and the clean clothes I was folding. I dissuaded Noah from playing with anything not water safe, and I cringed everytime he tried to walk, climb, bounce, etc. By the end of the day I was exhausted! I hope when Noah stops vomiting for good he does it all at once. None of this one day every few months thing. It's too much stress!

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