Monday, October 22, 2007

So many posts, so little time....

I have about 100 things that I want to write about, but I'm ridiculously busy this week. Here are some highlights.

  • I'm going to be an Aunt! Uncle Mork and Aunt Mindy are expecting a baby in June. You can just call me Auntie Em - I'm sure everyone else will. I'm so excited for them, and yet it brings up a lot of memories for me. I hope I don't let my disappointment over my own pregnancy overshadow my joy for theirs.
  • Noah is going on his first field trip tomorrow. He's going to the pumpkin patch with Chattering Children, the AV therapy center where he gets therapy each week. I'm excited, he's clueless.
  • Our surgeon wants us to consider a second CI. My hubby seems really into the idea, but the idea of another surgery & hospital stay makes me cold with fear. We haven't talked to our audiologist or our speech therapist or anybody, so who knows. Maybe they'll change my mind or perhaps they'll change his.
  • I am a "mentee". Our church set up a women's mentoring program and managed to coerce me into participating. My mentor's name in Almeda. She's a retired schoolteacher who babysits her grandkids during the day. I really like her a lot. Perhaps being a mentee isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  • My mom made Noah the cutest Elmo costume for Halloween. I really hope he's willing to wear it when the time comes, because it's about the best costume ever. Grandma's who sew are worth their weight in gold!
  • We're doing a really cool new book for my Tuesday night Bible study. It's called "The Frazzled Female: Finding Peace in the Midst of Daily Life" by Cindi Wood. I highly recommend it for anyone feeling frazzled and in need of some peace.
  • Noah is officially on the corrected charts for height now too (he made the weight charts at his last feeding clinic appointment). He weighs about 26 lbs and is about 32.5" tall. That's 5th percentile for height and between 10th and 25th for weight.
  • Abby, I promise to write a post or e-mail you about the stages of purees that we've been through. I don't have time to do a thorough job right now.

Ok, I expect lots of comments because everyone should have something to talk about!


Billie said...

Congrats Auntie Em! Being an aunt is so much fun. I get what you mean about your pregnancy related fears. I had a hard time rejoicing over the first couple of babies born in my family after H and E. I just faked it, and found it gets easier with time and you don't have to fake it forever.

Funny, Eden's CI surgeon and hospital in general does not generally recommend a second implant, though I know in other places they do. We might push for it if Eden could sit up, cause we'd have an easier time keeping it on. I'll be curious to see what you decide, and how Noah does. Good luck with your decision!

I agree...Grandma's who sew are the BEST! Can't wait to see this awesome Elmo.

Yippee! on making the charts. Height and weight...I'm impressed:)
Keep up the good work!!!

Jennifer said...

I saw the "Frazzled Female" book at Lifeway last looks awesome...I hope you'll enjoy it! Just my two cents on the implant: if you do it now, you'll keep those brain pathways open, so that he'll have the option of hearing later. I had my worst ear implanted, and it hasn't been great...I was four when I lost the hearing in that ear, and the rewiring has been incredibly slow. If I had had more constant stimulation all along, those pathways would have stayed open and I think I'd have much better success. Of course, that's just my opinion...and opinions are like bellybuttons: everyone has 'em :)

abby said...

Congratulations on the impending is fun...and on Noah's chart-edness. That's fabulous.

And no rush on the purees; we're still stuck on stage 2s and if you were to rush, I'd probably run home and don my mad scientist toque and puree everything in sight, which would then, of course, be summarily rejected by Hallie.

On the puree front, though, any chance of coming up with a patented preemie mom puree of miniature candies in time for Hallowe'en? On the one hand, it's kind of nice that Hallie doesn't eat candy yet since we get to keep her stash; on the other hand, what I wouldn't do for a kid who craved m and ms. That's helped keep the mommies' weight nice and high up there (sigh) and I am sure it would do wonder for Hallie's! Anyway, if you could come up with a nice fattening mars bar puree and manage to figure out how to package it in cool wrapping, I bet you'd make a fortune!

baby james said...

WOW! 26lbs. Way to go mommy and noah. That must be a great feeling. I wondered about the purees you use as well. Maybe you can post some ideas. I would be forever greatful. Tracy