Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Boy

My SIL & BIL are due with their first baby in June so we've been pulling all Noah's old stuff down from the attic in case they want any of it. Today I was putting the cover of Noah's bouncy seat (which didn't live in the attic) on the frame (which did) and Noah sat in it and started bouncing. I pulled him out pretty quick since I doubt the weight limit goes up to 27 lbs 1 oz, but I couldn't resist taking a picture. Please forgive the fuzziness of the shot. I think someone's been licking my lense again.

Here are some old favorites of Noah in the same bouncy seat (February 2006, 8.5 months old).
Check out what else my big boy is doing. No more crib!

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Liana said...

Emily - how old is your Noah?