Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today was Noah's final IFSP meeting. Noah started in EI two years ago, one month after he came home from the NICU. He was evaluated at 7 months (3 mo. corrected), 19 months (15 months corrected) and today at 31 months. Wow - talk about progress! Here are his scores from each of his 3 IFSPs. All that's left to do now is a transition plan. IEP, here we come!

7 mo. old: 3 mo.
19 mo. old: 12-15 mo.
31 mo old: 30-31 mo.

Expressive Communication
7 mo. old: 3 mo.
19 mo. old: 10 mo.
31 mo. old: 30-31 mo.

Receptive Communication
7 mo. old: 1-2 mo.
19 mo. old: 8 mo.
31 mo. old: 27-30 mo.

Gross Motor
7 mo. old: 2-3 mo.
19 mo. old: 12-15 mo.
31 mo. old: 24-25 mo. (stair climbing & balance beam 18 mo.)

Fine Motor
7 mo. old: 2-4 mo.
19 mo. old: 12-15 mo.
31 mo old: 24-25 mo. (block stacking 18 mo.)

7 mo. old: 3-4 mo.
19 mo. old: 15-18 mo.
31 mo. old: 30-31 mo.

7 mo. old: 3-4 mo.
19 mo. old: 15-18 mo. (atypical feeding)
31 mo. old: 28-30 mo. (atypical feeding; toileting & dressing 18 mo.)

We didn't meet all of our goals for gross and fine motor skills this year (mainly the block stacking & stair climbing parts), so we've kept those goals and added a new goal for dressing. Our OT thinks a lot of the delays at this point are vision related, although Noah also has some pretty obvious balance issues as well as some tone issues. Noah is no longer officially 25% delayed in any major area, although we're still eligible for services because of his vision & hearing loss. Way to go Noah!


Liana said...

That's awesome news!
Way to go Noah!

If you could - please pray for our lil' Noah - this Monday (the 21st) he has an MRI - please pray that they find nothing wrong. We believe this is the last test we'll have to have done. Currently, they're thinking Noah's nystagmus was "just" a gene-mutation.
interesting, eh?

Jennifer said...

Wow - you weren't kidding!

Good work Mom - looks how far he's come! WOW!