Thursday, January 10, 2008


No eat that one! It a orange rectangle. Yucky! Here a blue circle.
If you had told me a year ago as we were going through the CI evaluation process that Noah would be speaking in paragraphs at 2 1/2 I'd have thought you were crazy. The audiologists told us not to expect much because Noah had multiple disabilities. They said it was our "best hope" for communication since he'll likely never sign fluently but that there were no gaurantees, especially for kids like Noah.
By the way, I wasn't going to eat the rectangle. Noah was licking a red oval so I guess he thought I was joining in. But I'm not stupid - everyone knows not to eat the blocks with sharp edges.


Jennifer said...


True miracle Emily... true miracle :)

abby said...

Yes, the green star is MUCH tastier than any rectangle I've ever met!

Noah is amazing. Simply amazing.