Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeding Therapy

We had our first appointment with our new feeding therapist yesterday. I like her and I think it's going to work out. Eventually.

Noah was nice enough to finally reach the grittiest of all grittiness plateau with his purees the last week with our old feeding therapist, leaving our new therapist with nowhere to go but chewing. She managed to get to where Noah would open his mouth and let me press a puff'n corn in a piece of mesh onto his molars. He wasn't upset. I think he was perhaps a bit shocked that this total stranger was telling his mommy to put that yucky mesh in his mouth. He kept looking at Carol and saying "Bye bye. See you later, gator!" (in the middle of the meal). Nice try, buddy. She also had us work a bit on self-feeding which will be amazingly wonderful if it works. He was still a bit hesitent and wouldn't actually hold the spoon, but he would put his hand on my arm while I put the spoon in his mouth so I guess it's a start. Successful feeding therapy session, right?

Until we got home.

If Noah was talking in paragraphs I'm sure he would say something like:

I was willing to put that mesh in my mouth while that crazy woman was there. I didn't want her to hurt us, Mom. She was crazy! But if you think I'm going to put that yucky mesh in my mouth in the comfort of my own home when there's perfectly good purees right here and no crazy lady, then you're crazy too.

Instead he just threw a major fit. He kicked and screamed and cried and begged, "No popcorn, mommy. Puuuuleeeeeease!" He covered his face with his hands and whimpered. He gagged and retched. He thrust out his lower lip and pouted. I still touched the puff'n corn to his molars, but only until one puff'n corn had melted to mush. At the next meal, same thing. Today I'm going to give him a morning break and then try for just one meal this afternoon. If the same thing happens I'll have to put a call into our new therapist and see what she wants me to do. Perhaps she'll recommend that we relocate to Austria to continue sessions with our old therapist? Not likely, I know.

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